Already Hired Steve?

We’re excited to be a part of your upcoming event and look forward to working with you. Here you will find all the details you need from now until the time Steve takes the stage. If you have any questions beyond what’s provided here, please feel free to call us at 314-821-8700 or send an email to

Pre-Program Questionnaire: At your earliest convenience, please complete the Pre-Program Questionnaire. Your input and answers to these questions will help Steve tailor his program to meet your unique needs.

My Commitment to You, The Meeting Planner

Before the Event, I Will

  • Gather details about your event, the theme, the audience.
  • Customize my program to meet the needs of your attendees.
  • Let you know my travel plans.
  • Arrange the most economical travel arrangements based on my other commitments.
  • Respond to your emails and calls promptly and thoroughly.
  • Be easy to work with.

On-Site, I Will

  • Let you know when I arrive at the hotel/city/meeting location. (If it’s really late at night, I’ll just leave word with the front desk.)
  • Respond to any last-minute texts, emails, or calls promptly.
  • Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to my scheduled start time.
  • Promise not to be a diva. (Although, if I see any red M&M’s in the green room, there’s gonna be trouble.)
  • Be willing to adjust my speaking time based on changes to your schedule.
  • Attend pre- and post-program happy hours, gatherings, or events to spend time with attendees.
  • Be easy to work with.

During My Program, I Will

  • Interact with the audience early and often.
  • Offer Q&A throughout my presentation unless otherwise instructed by you.
  • Give out my cell phone number so that audience members can text me questions and give feedback in real time.
  • Be 100% audience focused.
  • Deliver exactly what we discussed and cover the material people are expecting.
  • Be easy to work with. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

After the Program, I Will

  • Follow up with you to get feedback and review the program.
  • Send any expenses or invoices promptly with back-up receipts.
  • Give you several fantastic speaker recommendations for your future events.
  • Continue to be easy to work with.

Audio/Visual Setup:

Steve prefers the following A/V arrangements.

  • Wireless microphone (lavaliere/lapel) for larger audiences.
  • Steve presents using his own laptop computer. He brings the necessary adapter to work with any projector.
  • Please wire the room so that Steve can have access to his laptop during the presentation (i.e., at the front of the room).
  • For smaller training events, Steve prefers a chevron layout that allows as many participants to see each other as possible.
  • Steve‘s Introduction: Download Steve‘s intro here.
  • Steve‘s Headshot: Download Steve‘s Headshot here.
  • Steve‘s Bio: Download Steve‘s bio here.
  • Book Discount Order Form: Email me at